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Title I Staff Contact Information
Carolyn Rafferty, Title I Director
Cindy Haley-Higgins, Title I Coordinator

Stall Brook Elementary School
Emily Luuri, Principal
Mary Kern, Title I Lead Teacher Reading/ELA
Kristene Morgan, Title I Lead Teacher Mathematics
Brenda Bernard, Title I Tutor
Catherine Burchard, Title I Tutor
Beth Driscoll, Title I Tutor
Nancy Tomacelli, Title I Tutor

DiPietro Elementary School
Judith Lamarre, Principal
Arielle Morris, Title I Lead Teacher Reading/ELA
Charlotte Tucker, Title I Lead Teacher Mathematics, Title I Tutor
Gina Goldstein, Title I Tutor
Suzanne Houston, Title I Tutor
Lisa Bracken, Title I Tutor
Brenda Dixon, Title I Tutor

05/28/18 Mon
No School - Memorial Day
05/31/18 Thu
Stall Brook Elementary Educational Fair
Starts at 6:30pm
06/20/18 Wed
Last Day of School
06/20/18 Wed
Report Cards Issued