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The mission of the Bellingham Public Schools Technology department is to provide teachers, students, and staff the resources necessary to use technology as a tool to achieve their educational goals

Personal purchase program - For Students and Bellingham School District employees 

3 months ago


If you would like to personally purchase a Chromebook, please visit the link below and you will be able to purchase yourself directly from GovConnection.   The Bellingham Public School District's preferred vendor for Chromebook purchases is GovConnection.  GovConnection is extending the school's pricing to you as a parent/guardian or employee of the district.

Click here for the GovConnection link (create an account and login)

Contact information for our representative, Regina Flynn is available as well.  Contact Regina and you can place the order directly with her.  (preferred payment is debit/credit card).  The Chromebook and any accessories that you choose will be shipped directly to your home.  You will pay sales tax, but no shipping for regular ground shipping . (overnight shipping will be an extra charge)

Before your child can use the Chromebook on the School domain (, the IT Department must configure it with a required management license.    The cost of the license is $30.  You can pay by check (payable to BPSD) and mail it to Bellingham Public School District, 4 Mechanic Street, Bellingham, MA  02019.  The license is a requirement.  (See the Student Handbook/Acceptable Use Policy).


*The District will not provide any after hours or home support.  While in school, IT Department support is defined as helping to connect to School Internet resources, basic Chrome Operating System issues and supporting apps that are required by the District.  All other support matters, including breakage, will be the sole responsibility of the user/family.

Any questions about the information on this page, please feel free to contact Michael Garofano, District Director of Technology at