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BPSD Chromebook Package

10 months ago


The Bellingham Public School District is currently rolling out a plan to enable various students and grades to use Chromebooks and Google Classroom.  The school has a long term plan to roll out Chromebooks, but in the short term if you would like to purchase a device for your child, please see the following pricing.  Please keep in mind this is avoluntary option and is not a requirement.

As a service by the BPSD IT Department, our vendor is extending the school's pricing to you as a parent/guardian.

How do I order?


If you are interested in ordering please go to the following website by clicking here


NOTE: Once you have made a purchase,  your order will be shipped to your home.  Before your child can use the Chromebook on the School network, the IT Department must configure it with the license you have purchased (see below).  The IT Department will be contacted by the vendor that you have made a purchase and will be available to configure the new Chromebook at school as soon as possible.


1. HP Chromebook 11 G5 (Optional) - $194.00

The Chromebook carries a 1-year Manufacturer's defect warranty.  Should you encounter an issue with the device, please contact HP Customer Support and login as "Guest"

2. HP Management License - $25 (requirement if purchasing a Chromebook to use with the School's domain).  The license allows IT to configure settings and enforce policies for specific Chrome devices. The license can control user access, monitor Internet access, customize features, configure network access, and allow access to the School's registered Academic Google Domain.


3. Belkin Protective Sleeve (Optional) - $13.30

More information regarding the sleeve   Ignore the price on the manufacturer's page, we get a discount as you can see


4. Insurance (Optional) - $25-$30 depending on deductible chosen - this is an annual expense.  BPSD has been using the Worth Ave Group for many years.  Here is a link that describes the coverage and provides information for you to obtain the insurance directly.


Note: If the Chromebook is purchased through this specific package, the student will receive basic support from the IT Department while in school only*.  Any variations of the above Chromebook standard will not be supported.


*The District will not provide any after hours or home support.  IT Department support is defined as helping to connect to School Internet resources, basic Chrome Operating System issues and supporting apps that are required by the District.  All other support matters, including breakage will be the sole responsibility of the user/family.


Any questions about the information on this page, please feel free to contact Michael Garofano, District Director of Technology at