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Special Services

Mission Statement

The Student Services Division supports the overall mission of the Bellingham Public Schools by collaborating, providing personnel, staff development and leadership to meet students' learning needs in a single system of education that maximizes the resources of the entire system.

Vision Statement

The Bellingham Public Schools Student Services Division provides those complimentary resources and strategies that ensure all students are afforded the opportunity to meet District Learner Goals.

We are a community of parents, teachers, administrators, business leaders and general public committted to excellence and accountability.  Our vision for the future is constantly shaped by the diverse and changing needs of our students.

We recognize that teamwork is integral to our efforts and that effective colaboration maximizes our resources so that our students are well prepared for the future.

Guiding Beliefs

•We affirm that respectful behavior toward all individuals is the foundation for our relationships.

•We acknowledge the importance of system-wide shared responsibility in meeting the needs of all children.

•We are committed to providing flexible programs and alternatives to meet the needs of all children in their neighborhood schools.

•We actively promote partnerships between families and school. •We believe that learning is a lifelong process and support those partners who join us in these efforts.

•We believe collaboration among professionls can maximize teaching and learning opportunities.

•We are commited to on-going staff development.

•We believe individual learning styles and abilities should be respected and valued.


Rachel Lawrence,  Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Bellingham Public School District



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